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CSA Letter: Last Week of September

September is ending.

We’ve had our characteristic early-September-cold-snap. We’ve had our subsequent warm-up. The Autumnal Equinox has passed. And now…. The long downward slide is before us. Later this week temps will sink, and we don’t expect any substantial reversals.

Thankfully our crop protection equipment has finally arrived so we should be able to keep things going for a bit longer in the garden. It's all about stalling the inevitable end now though.

Last weekend all of the boys here at the farm took a few days and escaped to the north shore for a much needed getaway. It can be easy to get caught up in the work around here and forget to really notice all the beauty of the changing seasons. Getting away for a few days during the peak color of fall to just relax and take stock of the passing time was refreshing. And thanks to the girls and the reduced workload, the farm didn’t fall apart!

There’s still some pending projects to accomplish before the season really ends, but we are certainly feeling the slow down. And boy are we ready! This year has been mentally and emotionally heavy for everyone. All that on top of the physical demands of the farm year have left us very ready to hibernate!


There are still some things to enjoy before it all shuts down. Let’s take a look in the share….

In your share:




Acorn Squash-Have you stuffed squash yet? Try this method



Red Russian Kale

Broccoli Raab-Spicy Italian mustard green that only grows in very cool weather. Use as any dark leafy green. Super delicious sauteed with garlic, crushed pepper and olive oil. Or in pasta with spicy sausage.

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