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Updated: Dec 7, 2020


We’re so excited and relieved to finally reach week 20 of the CSA season.

And we’re not a day too early--this week temperatures are falling hard and significant snow is predicted. It's all shutting down weather we like it or not!

We're relieved to be finishing up CSA, but there’s still quite a bit of work to be done before everything is packed up and ready to rest for winter.

For instance, all the animals need to be set up in their winter housing.

We were also right in the middle of moving the entire garden over to the new property. Much of that work had to wait till the CSA season was finished. Now CSA is over, but it feels like winter is already here! We’re not sure how much of a window we’ll have to make the transition...

Like any deadline, the inevitable onset of winter is both a blessing and a curse. As we race to get things done before winter, tensions and stress increase. But the final stop is also what gives us the blessed rest. Every year, we are forced into a significant season of rest. We're thankful for that.

We’re in the final press right now, but we know that rest is ahead. We'll make it one way or another!

And speaking of what’s ahead: don’t forget to check out our Winter CSA options!

If you’ve been enjoying our eggs or meat this season and want to keep getting them all winter, now is the time to sign up. During the winter months we’ll be delivering every-other week into the normal drop sites with eggs and meat. Make sure your on the list to get what you need all winter.

1 week from now we’ll be advertising the winter shares to the general public so make sure you place your order ASAP to ensure your spot. Supplies are limited.


Of course, it's a bit sad to be done with produce for now. We hope you enjoy the last share of the season. In your share you'll find:






L. mix


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