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Back to the Land

Most people have almost no connection to the land. Mowing the lawn or walking in a park is about the extent of their connection. The seasons unfold outside their windows like a long slow movie. Nice to observe but little more.

Deep down, a lot of people are vaguely aware that this isn't right. They know they are connected to the land and they feel like somehow they need to revive that connection. Something is missing when you're so disconnected.

But moving to the country and starting a homestead isn't all that realistic for most people. So they suffer the disconnection and try to "get out into nature more" .

At our farm we grow flavorful and nutritious food, but reconnecting people to the land is our underlying mission. And we do that by turning "the land" into something specific and knowable and interactive.

You can't have a relationship with "humanity". Neither can you have a relationship with "the land". But you can have a relationship with a particular slice of either one. When you join our farm, you get a contact point and instead of a vague sense of disconnect from the land you become connected to a particular set of fields and gardens with a particular set of struggles and triumphs. The land, becomes OUR farm and you can know it in all its particular ups and downs.

And knowing the particular ups and downs is important. Because how can you know something if you don't know its story and struggles? That's why we go a step past just selling food. We also want to tell the story of this farm to all the people who are connected to it. We don't want this farm to just be a static idea in your head--we want to open your eyes to the narrative that's unfolding. Give you a glimpse of the challenges and the setbacks and the victories and lessons learned. Documenting all that and finding the meaning and sharing it takes time but we think its work worth doing.

And of course there's also the food. Our farm isn't just a show. You don't just observe it passively. You also ingest the farm. We bring the farm into your home and you cook it. Not all of you will plunge your hands into the soil up here on the farm, but you will get a chance to eat and enjoy the growth of that soil. And in purchasing your share you also get to actively promote and continue the work we do. You receive from the farm and you give to the farm. As should happen in any relationship.

And that giving is supporting is also important. Because once again you are not simply a passive experiencer of media and food. Without your support and contributions none of the work we do for the land could happen.

We're out here restoring and redeeming worn out land. We're increasing fertility and resiliency. We multiplying life and health. We're bringing life to dry ground. And that is serious and sacred work that has far reaching echoes. And it becomes your work too when you support the farm. YOU are doing all those things because your support sends us back out into the fields to make it happen.

So forget about the faceless, nameless, placeless food in the grocery store.

Come and engage with a place where you can have a real relationship that involves real giving and receiving.

Start rebuilding your connection to the land by joining our CSA!

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