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This week we’re opening sign-ups for our winter CSA!

A lot of people have been asking us if we'll continue delivering during the winter months and the answer is YES!

Obviously the garden comes to a halt each fall and we no longer have produce to deliver during the winter. Chickens however, still lay eggs during the winter, and our freezers are still full of meat!

If you’ve been enjoying our pasture-raised eggs this summer and want to make sure you still have them through the winter, now you can with our Winter CSA options.

During the winter it’s important for us to slow down. We work hard and stay very busy during the growing season. It’s important for us to rest during the winter. Because of that, and because our meat and eggs have a longer shelf life, we'll be limiting our deliveries to EVERY-OTHER week during the winter season.

This sometimes confuses people after a summer of weekly deliveries and can be a bit more complicated to track since it does not occur as regularly. Tuesdays won’t ALWAYS be delivery days anymore...

But, it’s important for us to slow the pace of things down a bit for our own sanity and sustainability.

That being said, anyone who is signed up for the Winter CSA will continue to get regular emails reminding them of deliveries so they can better keep track of which weeks are delivery weeks and which are not.

And that is one of the big benefits to signing up for the Winter CSA--peace of mind. Once you are a part of the Winter CSA, there is no need to remember the delivery weeks or place orders--we’ll keep you stocked on eggs and meat and remind you when to pick up. All you need to do is swing by the drop site to grab your things. We’ll take care of the rest.

Another big reason for signing up for the Winter CSA is supply. This year, small sustainable farms all across the country (including us) have experienced HUGE increases in demand. Right now most people expect that surge to continue and possibly even grow this winter. In response to that, we’ve increased our production as much as we can. When you sign up for the winter CSA we set aside meat and eggs specifically for you. We’ll never run out of supplies on you and you’ll be sure to have the highest quality meat and eggs for your family all winter long!

Joining our Winter CSA is also the simplest option. Once you’ve signed up, you're done. Just place one order and your winter shopping for meat and eggs is taken care of. How’s that for getting things done?!

So if you want to knock out a bunch of shopping, reduce your mental load, and secure high-quality, nutrient dense food through the winter, grab a winter share now by clicking the link below!

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