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1,700 Miles From Home

Our newest intern arrived – all the way from Florida. Her name is Beth Card and she is splitting her time between working in the field and helping Megan with meal preparation responsibilities.

Despite being so far from home, she reported that “I'm settled in rather well! Honestly, I feel quite at home here, which is the first time that has happened to me.”

Born and raised near Fellsmere, Fla., Beth grew up with eight brothers and sisters so she never lacked someone to play with! It was a tight-knit family and – being home schooled – they all had plenty of time to explore the family’s beautiful 20-acres. She said it didn’t really matter what they were doing, it was fun “just hanging out with each of my siblings or being outdoors with friends and family.”

But Beth has a refined side, having been involved in ballet for seven years (and one of her brothers was her ballet partner all seven years). In fact, for two of those years, all nine siblings participated in ballet together!

Not long ago, after discovering Abraham’s Table Farm, she became intrigued with how Joel and Megan integrated their faith, family and work. “I really researched ATF's blog and Instagram, reading everything they had to say and show about their life,” she said. “I fell in love with the idea of being on their farm helping out in any way I could! After being here for about a month, I've really enjoyed this lifestyle that is somehow both extremely busy and yet soothing to the soul.”

One surprise about life in Minnesota, was how buggy it is – even more so than Florida! “But other than the bugs,” she said, “it's a beautiful area! I enjoy seeing all the different trees, flowers, and wildlife. Not to mention that I get to swim in lakes and rivers weekly! Florida has the ocean, ponds, and canals, but now I actually prefer lakes and rivers.”

Of course, she didn’t travel 1,700 miles north just to swim and play. But even the daily chores are enjoyable. Hot days in the field isn’t a problem after having grown up in Florida, she stated, “But even then, I just love the variety of tasks, the company around me, and being outside is always a plus!”

Helping Megan cook for the ATF team isn’t really a challenge when you consider she was used to helping with her family meals. Still, she says, “the amount and variety of dishes we make here has been so different from what I'm used to.”

Gaining new skills and experiencing the community-life at ATF fits right into Beth’s plans. “What I have wanted to do since graduating was just to gain experience and skills for life but mostly ones that I think would aid me in being a wife and mother if the Lord wills it,” she said. “Many people who've heard me express this desire have wondered why I don't want to be independent and get a career. But focusing on home-life and nurturing children can be very fulfilling, as well as afford me the opportunity to do so many things that a typical job wouldn't offer!"

We hope all our friends get to meet Beth – so if you see her at one of our drop-off sites be sure to say hello. It’s great to have more help in the field, and she has quickly become a valued part of the AFT team.

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