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"When we were looking for a CSA, pickup location that was close enough to collect every week was important. And hey, now they even offer delivery! Additionally we wanted a CSA from farmers who made conscious farming choices for the produce and the land. A CSA with standard veggies that I didn't have to try too hard to use is my preference and farm grown eggs, chicken and beef to add on is a huge, huge bonus. Abraham's Table is the complete package and we appreciate getting to know the folks that grow our food."

--  Danielle W. --

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Subscriptions Work?

Subscribers receive a delivery of farm fresh food every week or every other week (depending on your subscription size) during the regular summer season. You can sign up to receive a box of vegetables, eggs, chicken, ground beef or any combination of those items. During the season we will be bring orders directly to drop sites and private home deliveries. 

Our Summer season runs for 20 weeks between late May and mid October. Our Winter season runs from November through April.  

How Do Drop Sites Work?

All of our Drop Sites are located at one of our member's homes. Each week during the regular season we meet participating members at the drop site during a specific time to deliver their order. If members are unable to make it to the drop site during the specified time when we are there, we ask them to leave a cooler with their name at the drop site for us to deposit their order into. After that, they can retrieve their order and cooler whenever is convenient for them. If you can't make it to the drop site and were unable to leave a cooler that is ok too--we can leave your order in a shady spot for you. Just let us know before hand what you would prefer. 

Where are the Drop Sites located?

We have drop sites located on the Farm and in Pine City, Anoka, Crystal, Falcon Heights, Edina, and South Minneapolis. We are also willing to establish new drop sites if we can get a critical mass of customers in a certain location. 

Where can I get Door Delivery?

We offer Door Delivery to a limited number of members on a first come first serve approval basis. We have a long delivery route with limited time so we can only accommodate so many extra stops. If you'd like door delivery, please contact us early in the spring so we can see if it is possible. 

Please contact us if you'd like to discuss door delivery in another location. 

What kinds of vegetables will come in the the box?

Our shares are completely customizable! That means you can get exactly what you want in exactly the amounts you use! 

Here's how it works: Each Friday during the season we send an email notifying members that they can log in and customize their share. Everyone starts with a standard share of 7-9 in season items but members are welcome to remove, swap, or even just add vegetables to their share at no charge. If no changes are made, members will still receive the standard share. After the weekend is past we will harvest and deliver all orders. There is a limit to how large you can bulk the share up. 

So there you have it--you'll receive only the vegetables you want in exactly the amounts you use!

What if I don't know how to use a certain vegetable?

Each week, we publish a blog post explaining the contents of the share. In the letter we will let you know what is going on on the farm and give you ideas and recipes to help you enjoy the contents of the share. Since the letters are always on our blog, you could also look back through old posts (even from previous years) to find more ideas.

But since our shares are customizable each week, you can also simply remove anything from your share that you are uncomfortable with and replace it with something you want! 

Are your vegetables organic?

Yes. And beyond. We never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, we never use GMOs, and we use lots of compost to nourish the soil. But we go further then just organic. We also work hard to ensure that our soils are deeply mineralized and our produce is nutrient dense. Not only that, but we maintain a completely transparent, open-door policy so you can come and see what we are doing for yourself. We have not been certified organic by the government but our standards are far above what is required for a certification.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. It's a big help to the farm if you pay in full at sign-up, but it's fine to pay in installments, too.

Do you offer a small share?

We offer a half subscription. Our half subscription is the same as our full subscription, only it comes every other week. This way you will have a little more time to get through all the delicious food. And don’t worry, because we harvest everything extremely fresh and deliver it directly, it will last in your fridge longer then you think. After all, it hasn’t been shipped from California, sat in a warehouse, or waited on a shelf.  

What if I can't make it to a drop site at the designated time? 

That's no problem at all! Just leave a cooler with your name on it at the drop site and we'll deposit your order into your cooler. Then you can come retrieve your food whenever is convenient. Our drop sites are all located at member's homes so they are private and secure. Many of our members leave coolers at the drop sites.  

What if I go out of town and have to miss a box?

If you have to miss a box please just let us know in advance. There are several things we can do. You could have a friend pick it up for you, you could let us donate it to someone who can use it, or we can just skip it.

What if I need to cancel my share?

If you're moving out of town or are dissatisfied with your membership for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We will issue a refund on a pro-rated basis.

Is a Farm Subscription right for me?

We hope so! But it also might not be! It IS a commitment so it is worth thinking about it. Our subscription service is a good fit for those who want to regularly cook and eat fresh, organic vegetables eggs and meats. Farm members value being connected to a farm and supporting farmers in their community. If you're not a big vegetable eater or only want a few types of vegetables, you're probably better off shopping our farm store week to week (just get on our email list to be reminded when the store opens each week). 

Can I still buy food from the farm even if I don't purchase a subscription? 

YES! Each week we open our farm store to EVERYONE on our email list. Even if you don't have a subscription you can check in and grab a few items. We'll deliver your order just like we would a subscription. The only difference is that members get first dibs. So there may be times when some things are not available to non-members (like the first tomatoes of the season!). The key is to get on our email list so you're alerted when the store is open each week. 

How can I contact you with a question?

Email us at We’re always happy to answer questions.

Joining the CSA at Abrahams Table has been wonderful. I love how personable and caring and real the CSA is. Also really like the ability to customize your vegetable order every week - this is a great service. The meat order has also proven to be a good decision (1/4 cow) and also economical in these times and I believe the cows are humanely raised, which is very important to me. 


--  Millicent T.  --                        

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