CSA Frequently Asked Questions


What's a "CSA"?

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture.” Essentially, it is an agreement between community  members and local farmers that provides financial stability to the farmer and clean food for the community.  CSA members pay a subscription fee at the beginning of the year, which the farm then uses to buy seeds and supplies. In return, the farm harvests for the members all season long and delivers the produce each week to pre-arranged pick-up location. By pre-ordering and paying, members are giving the farmer peace of mind that what he produces will be sold. In return they are helping to establish and ensure continuous high quality food production for themselves.



What kinds of vegetables will come in the the share?

Each week, members receive the freshest in-season vegetables. We grow over thirty types of vegetables and try to fill the shares with about ten different items each week. We are mindful not to give huge amounts of any one thing or inconveniently small portions either. Since we eat all our own vegetables we have a good idea what is an appropriate portion. We don’t grow strange vegetables and if something is less common, we try to include information about it in our weekly letter, including recipes and ideas about how to use it.


What if I don't know how to use a certain vegetable?

Each week, we publish a blog post explaining the contents of the share. In the letter we will let you know what is going on on the farm and give you ideas and recipes to help you enjoy the contents of the share. Since the letters are always on our blog, you could also look back through old posts (even from previous years) to find more ideas.

Are your vegetables organic?

Yes. And beyond. We never use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, we never use GMOs, we plant habitat for pollinators, and we use lots of compost to nourish the soil. But we go further then just organic. We also work hard to ensure that our soils are deeply mineralized and our produce is nutrient dense. Not only that, but we maintain a completely transparent, open-door policy so you can come and see what we are doing for yourself. We have not been certified organic by the government but our standards are far above what is required for a certification.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. It's a big help to the farm if you pay in full at sign-up, but it's fine to pay in installments, too. We do not have a formal payment system so just email us and we will work something out with you.

Do you offer a small share?

We offer a half share. Our half share is the same as our basic share, only it comes every other week. This way you will have a little more time to get through all the delicious produce. And don’t worry, because we harvest everything extremely fresh and deliver it directly, it will last in your fridge longer then you think. Afterall, it hasn’t been shipped from california, sat in a wearhouse, or waited on a shelf.  

What if I go out of town and have to miss a box?

If you have to miss a box please just let us know in advance. There are several things we can do. You could have a friend pick it up for you, you could let us donate it to someone who can use it, or we can just skip it.

What if I need to cancel my share?

If you're moving out of town or are dissatisfied with your membership for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible. We will issue a refund on a pro-rated basis.

Is a CSA share right for me?

We hope so! But it also might not be! It IS a commitment so it is worth thinking about it. Our CSA is a good fit for those who want to regularly cook and eat fresh, organic vegetables. CSA members value being connected to a farm and supporting beginning farmers in their community. If you're not a big vegetable eater or only want a few types of vegetables, you're probably better off supporting your local farmer's market instead.

How can I contact you with a question?

Email us at Abrahamstablefarm@gmail.com. We’re always happy to answer questions.