Food tastes better when it comes from a real farm. 

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Grocery Store Food Isn't Fresh.

Grocery stores are full of old food that isn't grown well. It starts out sub-par and then spends days sitting in warehouses, distribution hubs, and trucks and finally on the shelf at the store. No wonder it doesn't have much flavor. No wonder your kids don't want to eat it. 

But it doesn't have to be that way. When you join our farm we grow it and harvest it just for you. It's packed with nutrition and flavor and picked right before we deliver it. It tastes better AND its better for you. 

That direct connection with the farm changes everything. 



We Grow Food You Can Trust

  • Flavor: Because we harvest your food within 24hrs of delivery, its about as fresh as it can possibly be. That boosts flavor big time. 

  • Nutritious: We focus on soil health to ensure our food is deeply nourishing.​ And since nutrition is linked closely to flavor, that's a double win. 

  • Personal: When you join our farm you'll actually know your farmer and exactly where your food comes from (you can even visit us!).

  • Simple: Your food comes directly from our farm. No extra ingredients, chemicals, processing or packaging. ​Just us, growing your food and bringing it straight to you. 

"Love, love, love this CSA and quickly rejoined when given the opportunity.  The vegetables are not only delicious and chemical free--they're beautiful!!  (The chicken is also fantastic!)  The farm store offers a wide variety and allows you to add or subtract to your share which is so convenient.  Eating healthier is important to me and Megan also provides great "family-tested" recipes on the website which has helped me out on more than one occasion.  I totally recommend this CSA. "


Becky G. 



Soy-free Organic Eggs


Organic Chicken

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“Joining Abraham’s Table CSA has been a wonderful experience. Not only do we always get delicious, quality product, but it has allowed us to learn about and experience new foods, try our hand at some great recipes, support a local business, and engage with our community. Joel and his team have always been so kind and accommodating, and a pleasure to get to know over these last few years." 

-- David C. --                        

Your Food Should Nourish You

Good food is the foundation of good health and few things are as enjoyable as great tasting food. And yet, in today's world it is incredibly difficult to find food that is fresh and actually nourishes our bodies. Something so basic and essential shouldn't be so hard to find. But unfortunately it is. That is why we started farming over a decade ago. To make deeply nourishing food available in the simplest and most direct way possible. Fresh and nourishing food straight from the farm. On our farm we focus on soil health to produce deeply nourishing food for our community. And not only do we grow it right, but we we're completely transparent about how we grow it so our members can feel confident that they are getting the cleanest and most nutritious food available. And on then, to top it off, we deliver it directly to them within 24hrs. of harvest. All you have to do is select your delivery site (door delivery or drop site) and choose your share type and we'll start delivering fresh and nutritious food straight from our farm. And not only that, but members also get to completely customize their box each week so that its full of exactly the foods they want. Join our farm now to get food you can trust that tastes great and keeps you healthy. When you do, you'll be able to finally relax knowing that you've got a source of food that teastes great and is actually nourishing you! Stop putting low quality food in your body--join our farm!

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