Whole/Half Beef Reservation


An initial deposit of $400 (whole) or $200 (half) is required to reserve your meat. The deposit will be subtracted from your final bill which is based on the final weight of the animal. The final price will be calculated at $3.50 per lb. Hanging weight*.


*Hanging weight is the weight of the animal after the organs, head, and hide have been removed. 


For a Whole Beef:

Based on an average 1100lb. Carcass your total will be approximately:

Meat:................ $2310

Butcher Fees:......$600



You will take home approximately 400 lbs. of meat


For a Half Beef:

Based on an average 1200lb. Carcass your total will be approximately:

Meat:................ $1155

Butcher Fees:......$300



You will take home approximately 200 lbs. of meat


Delivery is optional and will be calculated based on a $.60 per mile rate. 


Our Beef is raised on intensively managed pastures without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Our animals always have access to clean water, a mineral supplement, and plenty of fresh green grass. Our Beef is not tough or gamey but has good marbling and an excellent complex flavor. 

  • We sell our animals Whole and as halves. If you would like a quarter of an animal, please purchase a half with a friend and we will make sure your half is divided equally. 


    Whole animals range in final weight from 700lbs. to 500lbs. 

    Half animals will be about half of that. 


    All purchases will be sold for $3.50/lb. based on the animal's final hanging weight. This is the weight of the animal's carcass after the organs, head, hide and feet have been removed. Since we do not know that weight until after slaughter and thus cannot accurately calculate the final price of your purchase we ask customers to make a down payment of $400 (or $200 for a half) to reserve their animal and we will invoice them with the remaining portion of their bill at the time of slaughter. The meat will be released for pickup/delivery once the final bill is paid. 

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