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15995 Grindstone Lake Rd.

Sandstone MN, 55072








CSA Add-on: Eggs


Our CSA members recieve 20 weeks of our Beyond Organic Produce delivered to a local CSA dropsite of their choice from early June to late October. With the Egg Add-on you will also recieve 1 Dozen Eggs with your share. 

Drop Site
  • Our Eggs have deep yellow yolks and substantial whites. They hold up excellently in the pan and have a deep egg-y flavor like an egg should. Typically, once someone trys out eggs, they can never go back to the store bought versions. They are just that delicious. 

  • Our Egg Laying flock spends most of the year in a movable coop out on our green pastures. They have continous access to all the bugs, grass, sunshine and fresh air they would like. Every day they are moved to a fresh paddock where the grass is fresh and clean and the bugs are plentiful. They always have access to fresh clean water, a mineral supplement, a calcium supplement (for shell strength), and grit for digestive health. 


    When winter weather threatens, we move out birds into the protection of one of our greenhouses. They spend their winter on deep bedding which they can scratch and dig in. The greenhouse protects them from wind and snow while still allowing full sunlight. It also warms up considerably which helps keep the birds comfortable and happy during the harsh winter monthes.