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Beef Variety Box


For a limited time, Abraham’s Table Farm  is offering beef variety boxes for those wanting a smaller quantity of beef. This is about one 1.5’ x 1.5’ square box and fits in a standard size refrigerator freezer.  It's approximately 30-40 pounds of meat, and equals 1/8th of a whole beef.


Grass Fed Variety Box Includes approximately:

  • 6-8 assorted steaks (ribeye, NY strip, sirloin)

  • 2-3 roasts (chuck, arm, rump, brisket)

  • 1-2 packages of stew meat

  • 2-3 packages soup bones/shank

  • 1 package short ribs or miscellaneous cut

  • 10-15 pounds ground beef


This product is a portion of a live animal. Boxes will be assembled and delivered after the animal has been processed. 

  • LIMITED TIME ONLY: FREE shipping to any of our conveneint drop sites! Contact us for detials!

    We can provide delivery. Delivery is based on a $.60/mile from the Butchers shop to the final destination and will be added to the final bill. 

  • This product is 1/8th of a cow. When you purchase the Beef Variety Box you are purchasing a portion of a live animal and will recieve your meat after it is processed. Exact content of the box will vary and Abraham's Table Farm reserves the right to divide the animal's meat between variety boxes as it sees fit.