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Week 8

We're always trying to find the weakest link in our farm, so that we can strengthen it and improve the business. For a long time our weakest link has been not having a refrigerated holding space for the produce we harvest. This makes us only able to harvest our veggies in a very limited time-either the night before or the day of deliveries. The limited time forces us to prioritize harvesting for CSA over harvesting for restaurants, thus causing us to lose out on potential sales, despite having product to sell. Last year we bought a big enclosed trailer with the plans of insulating it and installing in it a Coolbot (a device that attaches to a regular ac unit, enabling it to drop its temperature to refrigerator coldness) so that we can plug it in days before deliveries and be continually harvesting product and keeping it fresh. The trailer also would allow us to deliver into Minneapolis maintaining the temperature (freshness) of our produce the whole time. Last week (thanks to the help of our boys Daniel and Thomas getting the garden in spit spot shape) Joel finally was able to start working on retrofitting the trailer. Here's a picture of it! We're excited to step up our produce game.

In your share:


Lettuce Mix


Beets-a very decadent beet cake that I make a lot


Mountain Mint


Summer squash-more squash? Don't get sick of it yet, there are so many ways to enjoy it! One of my favorites its to slice it in long ribbons, either grill or broil it until charred, and, while it's still hot, toss with an olive oil that's been doctored up with herbs (the mint and basil in your share...), salt and garlic. Perfect summer side.





THe ATF Crew

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