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Week 15

Let's talk about meat.

Over the past few seasons we have slowly eased into beef production. That began with a few cull (older) cows in the early days that were turned into ground beef. A little later we began selling half cows and whole animals to customers who were interested in buying in bulk. This season we took another step by purchasing several young Belted Galloway steers. We processed one of those animals early so we could provide our customers with individual cuts of meat directly at our CSA drop sites. The rest of the animals will be processed later this fall for customers interested in buying beef in bulk at a discount rate.

If you are interested in purchasing some excellent beef that has been raised by us, please let us know. We will have a cooler with beef and chicken at the CSA drop site from now on so you can pick it up as you need it.

If you are interested in stocking up and getting your grass finished beef at a discounted rate you should also contact us so we can put you down for a whole or half animal. We only have one steer left so please contact us soon if you are interested.

And please tell your friends so we can be sure to find buyers for the animal before winter!

And don't forget our chicken. Past week we processed our last batch of pastured chickens. These birds spend their life outside on fresh pasture and are processed by us. They are fed a soy-free, organic diet and represent some of the highest quality chicken you can buy. And not only that, but they taste great too! I recently read an article in the Atlantic that describes the typical chicken farm of today. It made me very thankful for the way we raise our birds.

In the past we have sold out of chicken, so please contact us now if you would like to buy some birds now or stock up for the winter before the season ends.

Please help us sell all this meat! We need to empty our freezers before winter so if you know anyone who may be interested in responsibly raised, high-quality meat please let them know about us.

Of course, we also grow vegetables and eggs, so lets see what is in the share this week.



S. squash








Tulsi Basil



We hope you enjoy!

The ATF Crew

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