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CSA Week 11

Welcome to week 11

There is a chill in the air.

We always shoot for twenty weeks of harvest. In this climate that is quite ambitious given our lack of greenhouses. This year it seems impossible. Spring was slow and cold this year which means our first harvest was several weeks behind schedule. In order to have a full 20 weeks of harvest this year we are going to have to find a way to have healthy crops straight through till November. That is extremely unlikely.

We have seen this issue for a while now and I have taken action. For instance, this week we planted out more rounds of fall brassicas (Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage...ect.) and lettuces. We even planted some new things that we hope will mature in time and hold in the cold. We are also holding back on giving storage items like garlic and potatoes to make sure we have enough for the late season.

We are doing what we can now to have something for you later. But as we know from this spring, sometimes that is not enough. There IS a limit to what we can do. Eventually winter always wins. Despite our best plans and greatest efforts, there could still be a snow storm in October that slams the breaks on everything.

And so we are taking an old farmer maxim to heart this year. "Make hay while the sun shines" they say. We are not in control of the weather but we do have a lot of tomatoes this year so we are inviting members to enjoy the extra now and take what they can use. We want to make sure your shares are particularly bountiful right now in case there are lean weeks later this fall. After all, that is what a CSA is about. Committing to our farm for the whole season has its inherent risks. But it also has its rewards. Thanks for committing to us this season!

In your share this week:



Pepper-stuffed peppers. we make these on the regular, and they gracefully contain just about anything you stuff in them.

Jalapeno-55 jalapeno recipes!

Lettuce Mix

Cucumber-Roasted chickpea cucumber salad

Zucchini-a way we've been eating these is sauteing them with butter and onions and salt for a loooong time until they're golden brown.

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