A Break From The Broilers

But As Things Change, They Stay The Same

Waaay back in early March, we were busy (with a foot of snow on the ground) getting the greenhouse cleaned up, organized, and fitted with new heating and venting mechanisms. This was critical because we had to start our first seedlings and the greenhouse temperature had to be carefully regulated through freezing nights and sunny days so our first crops would be ready to transplant once the weather warmed and the fields were ready.

Now, here we are in August and we are planting our last greenhouse crops in the next week or so. We will continue to start plants and vegetables (like radishes, spinach and arugula) directly in the garden, but greenhouse planting is almost over.

At the same time, as we ramped up our season in March, we had one other very important task -- getting our brooder ready to receive our first broiler chicks.