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Tired of feeling disconnected from your food?

Wish you knew who was growing your food and how they were doing it? 

Concerned about supporting the global food corporations?

Uneasy about how your food was produced and what it REALLY contains?

Overwhelmed by the ambiguous options in the grocery store?

Sick of the transportation miles, and excessive packaging that goes into your food?

We feel the same.

 Food shouldn't be so complicated or full of unnecessary ingredients. 

And farms shouldn't be distant industrial complexes run by faceless corporations. 

That's what we thought when we set out to produce food for ourselves and our community. We wanted something better. NOT dubious wasn't enough. We demand deeply nutritious, high-quality food that tastes good and is completely clean. 

So in 2015 we set out to build a farm that could produce that food. For the first several years we stayed small, honing our craft and laying a foundation. We didn't rush it. 


Today we produce organic vegetables, organic/soy-free and pasture raised eggs and chicken, as well as grass finished beef. 

And we sell direct to our customers. 

We believe that right farming can heal landscapes, nourish people, and bring communities together. That's why we're out here farming. 

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